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Intimidated by Digital Stamps? DON'T BE!


Creating designs with digital stamps is an area that a lot of paper crafters and card makers oftentimes overlook because they aren't quite sure how to work with digital files.

In an effort to remove those apprehensions, Mindless Crafting has produced 3 videos using Microsoft Word, Pages, and a FREE program, OpenOffice, demonstrating how to EASILY MANIPULATE DIGITAL FILES.

You don't have to struggle wondering how to use digital products to ARRANGE, RESIZE & CREATE ATTRACTIVE SCENES for your designs.

We have nearly 800 Craft tutorials at Mindless Crafting on YouTube to inspire you in your paper crafting!

We will remove the mystery FOREVER showing you how to get started in this dynamic area of design that will catapult your creativity to ANOTHER LEVEL.

If you use Mac, watch the Pages tutorial.

Microsoft Video Tutorial

If you use Windows, watch the Microsoft Word tutorial.

OpenOffice Video Tutorial 

If you use either Mac or Windows, but want a FREE OPTION that is powerful yet very user friendly, watch the OpenOffice tutorial.


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