Welcome to Our New Store

Welcome to Our New Store

Welcome to Our New Store

Mindless Crafting was created to be your go-to location for crafting ideas, materials, card kits and paper crafting items. We have a heart for new and experienced crafters that love crafting but oftentimes get stuck and don't know  how to get started.

Here at Mindless Crafting, we give you permission to make mistakes or what we refer to as opportunities to create something wonderful. 

Crafter Tracey Phillips, best known for her popular YouTube channel, GiftBasketAppeal, will help guide you through the Mindless Crafting journey while offering you amazing stamps, designer cardstock, craft kits, and other items for your crafting enjoyment. Stay tuned, there's so much more to come!

We are pleased to announce our first product release, Season's Greetings Card Kit. Pre-Orders are available now. The shipping date is December 1st. Be sure to Pre-Order your kit now.

We'd love to talk about crafting, so please, come by with your questions and we'll be glad to hear from you!


  • Love your videos…they really help me…so happy your business is going so well..You inspire me ..Thank You

    Kathye on

  • Congratulations to your Mindless Crafting site I start ed watching you 2009 And I have been watching you ever since..sol so many Wreath s by watching you and those mini books Live your Channel you explain to me better than others💚💜

    Sharon Thedford on


    Lori Green on

  • I start watching your videos last year, learned so so much, congrats on your new products.

    Peggy Atkins April 6, 2019

    Peggy Atkins on

  • I have been watching your videos for a couple of years and have learned a lot.
    Congratulations on your new endeavor.

    Joyce McNealy on

  • I have been trying to become a crafter for several years and was not successful. I started watching your videos yesterday and have been binge watching all day today. I love your technique and crafting style. Of all the other crafting video sites I have tried to learn from yours is the one that feels like home.

    Bernedette Bell on

  • Love all your videos and your sweet personality. Found ur blog by accident and well so happy I did.

    Sharon Miller~Kocis on

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